Watters Education | A Level Maths Tuition and Classes in London and Online
London Maths Tutor providing A Level maths tuition, classes, revision and mock exams in London and online.
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A Level Maths and Further Maths are my primary focus. I also teach these subjects at GCSE. Additionally I advise and coach for university entrance, especially Oxbridge. This includes preparing students for entrance exams such as the PAT, MAT, CTMUA, NSAA and STEP. 


Understanding the individual, fostering curiosity and developing mastery. Watters Education operates on the basis that each student has their own strengths and weaknesses and need to be treated as the individuals they are. I firmly believe in pushing each student to reach their own maximum potential.


Understanding, exposure and practice. Through Watters Education, I strive to maximise these aspects for each student. I also offer provide bespoke planning, guidance and support to assist my students in and around their studies. This way they can make optimal progress and work towards achieving their own goals.








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Joe Watters

Watters Education is the embodiment of Joe’s aim to impact maths education, learning and tuition across London and the UK.  He first started tutored as an undergraduate as a means to raise money for travel. However a natural ability to connect with students and to break down complex topics led to a surge in demand for Joe Watters’ tuition services. 


“I really enjoyed tutoring and seemed to have a good knack for it, so it was an obvious decision to pursue it. Some five full-time years later I am still as passionate and determined to become known as the best tutor in the country.”


Focused on delivering a superior service, Joe Watters works with a smaller number of students than most. The aim is to be able to maintain real personal relationships and not become a faceless, impersonal agency. Working 90% through direct referrals, Watters Education is founded on the back of client feedback and great reputation.

Working together to get the most out of every student

I work with a small number of students studying maths and related subjects face to face on a regular basis. Each is an individual project that I put everything I can into to help them achieve the best they possibly can. Often this involves more than just tutoring subject content.


Also, I teach a number of students online, especially during the day when they have free periods. We use a mix of audio (through Skype) and an online interactive whiteboard (Bitpaper).

Additional Information

My lessons take place in my working space at WeWork Hoxton, Gorsuch Place, London, E2 8JF. This is a 1 minute walk from Hoxton Station (Overground). Other links include Old St (Northern Line, 15 min walk) and Liverpool Street (Central Line, 20 min walk).


Prices are competitive with other top London tuition providers.


Face to face slots are extremely competitive and pretty much fully booked for regular evening slots. However, do enquire as I may be able to make room for you.


Classes & Mock Testing
Regular testing under real exam conditions

I run a mock testing master class some weekends. I have found that one of the biggest challenges faced by maths students today is the lack of exam-level and exam condition based practise testing they receive. Often this is hard to emulate at home and, now with the new syllabus, resources for doing so are limited.


My class is set in strict exam conditions, with other students, to really emulate the real thing. After completing the custom topic-based mock, we work through the paper to get instant feedback on how we did.

Nowhere to hide

I find students often overate their abilities, believing they can do something because they managed the exercise questions from the maths textbook. However, when they come to a real test they are bewildered to find they can’t answer the questions.


My mock testing classes combat this by putting the student in strict exam condition (no notes!). The score they get really reflects their ability and gives them a sense of how well they actually know the topic. Often students don’t do as well as they would hope, but the truth can hurt. After going over the paper and allowing some time to pass, I give students the chance to resit so they can make sure they have truly mastered the content.


They always improve. These classes take place most weekends and I am continually increasing the scope and reach and resources for them. Find out more information here.