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Easter Revision

Easter Revision Classes

8th – 12th April
15th – 19th April
[NB. This was the 2019 course, I am leaving this here to give an indication of what 2020 will look like.]


All days run from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm.


M 8th  – Trigonometry

T 9th – Mechanics I

W 10th – Calculus I

T 11th – Proof & Algebra

F 12th – Hypothesis Testing


M 15th – Functions & Graphs

T 16th – Mechanics II

W 17th – Calculus II

T 18th – Differential & Parametric Equations

F 19th – Mock Testing


These classes will run 9.30 am – 3.30 pm at my work-space in WeWork Old St, 41 Corsham St, N1 6DR.


The day will consist of:

  • Topic overview
  • Mock condition testing
  • Test review and corrections
  • Teaching of important ‘special cases’ and tricks
  • Focused study on topic questions
  • One-to-one reviews
  • Summary of key points


You will be provided on the day with a Formula Booklet, Test Paper and Question Work-pack. Pens and paper will be provided. However, please bring the calculator[s] that you will be using in the exams!


There will be a 30 minute break for lunch and other short breaks throughout. Please bring lunch with you, otherwise there are options close by.


Registration now closed. Course is full.

The Final Intensive Push to Ensure a Top Grade

This intensive Easter Revision course is aimed at students who have floated around a B or the A/B border who want to secure either that A or B grade that will meet their top choice university offer.


A basic core-content knowledge is assumed, this is not a ‘cram it all in two weeks’ type of course. Instead, this is a focused effort on key (difficult) topics, with an emphasis on complete mastery.


Students can take the whole course, or pick and choose topics (days) to attend, though all are encouraged to attend the final, Mock Testing, day. Each day will typically have 3 – 4 students (5 max).


The pricing for the course is as follows:

Individual days – £250

Any 5 days – £1100

Full 10 days – £1900


Any combination of days across either week may be taken.


Registration now closed. Course is full.